SheffWHO 2018

Student Testimonies

“Before SheffWHO 2018, I hadn’t been involved in public health. I decided to attend the conference [SheffWHO] because it provided a crash course in this field for people of all backgrounds and allowed for extensive practice in policy making and negotiations. There, I was able to talk to students and professionals from the different branches of public health about their research and experiences. This opportunity helped me realise how passionate I am about public health and was undeniably the deciding factor for me to pursue the Masters of Public Health at the University of Sheffield. In my application to ScHARR, I indicated SheffWHO as my Ivan Zhelyazkov, Master of major reason for shifting my area of focus from my Public Health Candidate, Undergraduate area of study (Biochemistry) to ScHARR 2018-19 pursuing a career in Infectious Disease Control and Antimicrobial Resistance Policies for Public Health.”

“I studied at the University of Bonn and was really determined to break into the Public Health sector. As a Geography student, I wanted to attend a school that would see my background/degree as an asset. It was while I was reviewing information about a Masters at the University of Sheffield, I saw the advert for SheffWHO. I was so excited to see an event in public health that welcomed persons from all backgrounds and would train us in public health skills. I was gutted that I couldn’t attend the conference due to work commitments, however, it was at the point that I made up my mind. I needed to apply to Sheffield and be part of this great opportunity in 2019.” Anaïs Feldmann, Master of Public Health Candidate, ScHARR 2018-19