SheffWHO, founded in 2018,  is a health-themed simulation in Sheffield, modeled after the World Health Organization’s (WHO) largest annual meeting – The World Health Assembly! This simulation offers the opportunity for students, alumni and professionals from all disciplines to gather and engage within a global health topic
With this year’s topic, we aims to tackle the multiple layers of institutions and individuals that make up the healthcare system. Through this complex interplay between stakeholders in academia, healthcare, public health, politics and economics, we aim to work together to cater for the health needs of their community.
Attendees do not require any experience in health policy, debate or the WHO to participate. Whether you’re studying journalism, politics, economics, computer science, public health or medicine this diversity will ensure the creation of a variety interventions to tackle global health issues. At the end of SheffWHO, people will be equipped with the tools to become a more confident and competent global health actor and practitioner.