Conference Perks

Since we’ve opened for registration, many of you have asked us the question, “What do I get in return for my registration?” Here is a list of perks that we could think of, off the tops of our heads:

  1. Dynamic local and international speakers including: doctors quarantined during the Ebola crisis and Directors of Public Health England.
  2. Training and toolkits to help build your skill set in global health, diplomacy, debate and writing.
  3. Hot lunches and tea/coffee breaks.
  4. An engaging social and networking event.
  5. Certificates of participation and awards for best delegates.
  6. Access to an engaged network of participants that will be a resource for global health jobs, events, and training.
  7. Career building for persons considering a role in global health/public health.
  8. Real world impact in global health – as work that is produced at this conference will be submitted to WHO HQ in Geneva to highlight the skills and ideas of the next generation of global health practitioners.

In reality, we think that there will probably be so much more for each individual. After all, our founders attended a similar event and came back to create SheffWHO! While we don’t expect that level of effort from you, we hope that you will also come away from the event with something unique, whether it be new friendships or skills or something else. Come and discover for yourself!


Published by SheffWHO

Official website of the Sheffield World Health Organization conference: "Health in a Digital World” taking place on May 1st-2nd 2020 in Sheffield, United Kingdom.

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