Dear Distinguished Delegate

At this extraordinary time, due to the complex situation regarding the COVID-19 and its serious impact locally and globally, the Organising Committee of the Sheffield World Health Organisation Simulation Conference (SheffWHO Team) would like to inform and update you all of our plan and future steps. 

We take the rapid spread and potential risks imposed by the COVID-19 to all delegates, our speakers, members of staff, volunteers, the university, and the public very seriously. As much as we want to personally meet you all at the event, we highly value your safety, health, and wellbeing. We are in constant monitoring and communication with the school officials, and follow the advice and recommendations of advisors, the Government, the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Public Health England.

After consultation and thorough consideration of all factors, the SheffWHO 2020 Team has decided to postpone SheffWHO 2020 conference (27-29 March 2020) until further notice. We understand that many delegates have spent significant resources to attend this conference. Due to this, we aim to offer all delegates an option for a full refund of the purchased conference tickets (both Early Bird and Regular Tickets).

 At present, the SheffWHO 2020 Team is exploring all possible alternative methods in delivering this conference. To do so, we will seek advice from the University of Sheffield, our sponsors and other stakeholders for an appropriate venue. Should the majority of the delegates opt to attend the conference regardless of the succeeding changes, the SheffWHO 2020 Team will provide updates and further information on the registration of the adjusted conference. However, in the meantime, full ticket refunds for all delegates will be processed in the next few weeks. We will do our best and work with the Student Union Office to accelerate the refund process. We will continue to closely monitor the current situation and recommendations from the UK government and the WHO. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us by responding to this email.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards, 

SheffWHO 2020 Organization Committee

Early Bird Tickets On Sale Until February 15!

Sheffield WHO 2020 simulation will be happening on March 27th – 29th. Enhance your global diplomacy skills along with other enthusiastic leaders from around the world. This years theme is ‘Health in the Digital World’. Represent your nation this year! 

Direct ticket link to early bird tickets found below:

Delegation Registration Form is available at:

Ticket go on sale today for the 2020 simulation!!

SheffWHO 2020 is a simulation of World Health Assembly, third to be held in Sheffield. It is an educational event that allows participants to recreate the process of the World Health Assembly held at the World Health Organisation (WHO) at its Headquarters in Geneva. SheffWHO 2020 is to be held on 27-29th March, 2020. This event will allow students and professionals to participate as delegates in different roles. Register with us by 20th March, 2020 to be a part of this event.

Link to the tickets :

Getting to SheffWHO

We know how it feels to be stressed and lost and trying to find directions, so we thought that we’d post a map of the route from the train station. (For those of you who are based in Sheffield, registration will take place from 12pm onwards on Friday 27th March on the ground floor of ScHARR at Regent Court.)

On the map below, Sheffield Train Station is marked “A”, and your destination (ScHARR) is marked “B”. The bus interchange is marked with the orange pin. We’ve highlighted the route with the most landmarks (not necessarily the quickest). We advise entering ScHARR from the north side of the courtyard, opposite an old church. We’ll try to direct you as much as possible when you get here too!

Reach out to us on social media if you’re lost. We can’t wait to meet you!

Directions to SheffWHO
Walking map from Sheffield train station/bus interchange to ScHARR